Tromode meeting Tuesday 12th feb 2013. SK auction of items and Guest speaker.

The next meeting of the IOMARS takes place on Tuesday 12th February at Tromode sea cadet hall.

We have organised a slide show from Peter Geddes OBE,  of the restoration of Glen Darragh Water Wheel, and the lighting in Glen Darragh Glen. Please arrive promptly at Tromode for an 8pm start to the show.

As usual refreshments will be served by Arthur GD3TNS for a small donation of £1 towards the Sea Cadet funds.

Dave Cain 2D0YLX IOMARS Chairman.

In addition to the above Andy Morgan GD1MIP has been asked to sell the radio equipment of Guy Warburton GD0LQE.  Sadly Guy passed away in 2013,  all money paid will be going direct to Guys wife. Viewing of items will take place between 19:30 and 20:00 hours before our guest presentation.  Auction to take place after the evenings talk.  A list of items will be available on this site ASAP (please be patient), but will include a HF TX/RX, a VHF/UHF FM TX/RX plus typical shack items.

Cash sales only.    Contact Andy Morgan GD1MIP    for more details  email  GD1MIP(at)