From “GD” land, the Isle of Man.
Club call signs GT1IOM, GT3FLH & GT4IOM.

This is a local Manx club (if not THE local Manx club) that supports and encourages all aspects of Amateur radio here on the Isle of Man. We have a wealth of very talented members that will be happy to explain and show anything that you are interested in with this hobby. This isn’t limited to just radio, but electronics, programming, discrete systems, digital modes, satellite tracking and more.

Club members also have the opportunity to borrow equipment from the Club before taking the plunge themselves. This includes HF radios, VHF/UHF radios, DMR, power supplies and other items. Speak to a committee member, or email info@iomars.im for more information.

Events appearing on this site may from time to time include those of other Radio organisations or individuals and may not necessarily be organised or arranged by IOMARS, but are fully supported and many members take part.

We have club meetings on the following days,

Every Wednesday evening at our club shack within the Scout building, Mill Road Ballasalla.

Each meeting takes place between 19:00 and 22:00 hours.

Our Club Constitution Document can be viewed here.