Suspension of all IOMARS meetings / gatherings until further notice.

Suspension of all IOMARS meetings / gatherings until further notice.

The committee have reluctantly taken the decision to suspend all IOMARS meetings / gatherings until further notice.

Why are we doing this? The risk of catching or spreading the coronavirus / Covid-19 illness.

How long will this last? Until 15th April 2020, or until government / medical advice suggests otherwise.

The committee will monitor the situation and advise the membership accordingly. If you have any questions please ask a committee member by phone / radio.

Don’t forget we have an excellent repeater system on island

Whilst meetings are suspended it has been suggested that we ‘meet up’ on the 70cm repeater GB3IM on a Wednesday evening.

Andy Morgan GD1MIP
Secretary IOMARS


The society will be holding it’s annual general meeting on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at the Sea cadet hall, Tromode Road, Tromode. The meeting will start at 8pm.

During the meeting we will discuss the last years radio based activities, plan for next year, and elect a committee. Light refreshments will be served.

Please note that any person may attend the meeting. However votes may only be cast by current (year 2019) members.

If you wish to discuss any matters prior to the meeting or wish to be considered for election to any post please contact me via this email address or personally at club meetings.

Thank you, Andy Morgan  GD1MIP

Secretary IOMARS 
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Scout Jota – Saturday 19th October 2019

On Saturday 19th December 2019. We will operate a Jota station for the benefit of the 5th Douglas scout group.

This will operate between 10am and 1pm at the TT grandstand.

Richard Kissack 2D0WFK is part of the team at this scout group and has been instrumental in making the arrangements.

IOMARS members are be invited to attend and assist in setting up and running the station.

A work party will meet at 8am that morning to assemble the station/s.

Please comment below or email, if you can attend and for what period.

Thank you.

WSJT-X 2.1 RC5 released

WSJT-X 2.1 RC5, the first one to support JT4 contesting mode has now been released for download.

The home page for the software is here:

Direct download for Windows:

New experimental digital mode, FT4 for digital contesting.

Introduction: FT4 is an experimental digital mode designed specifically for radio contesting. Like FT8, it uses fixed-length transmissions, structured messages with formats optimized for minimal QSOs, and strong forward error correction. But with 6 second sequences.

Further information regarding this new mode is attached.

General relaese of WSJT-X RC5 thats supports this mode will be on the 29th April 2019.

JS8 QSO Party

Saturday, 13 April 2019

All Amateur bands, HF, VHF, & UHF


The JS8 QSO Party is a chance to get on the air with JS8 and make some contacts every month. Whether you like a quick exchange or a long rag-chew, this event is for you. We have a lot of great, patient operators in the group, so the environment should be very welcoming!

The event will be held monthly on the Second Saturday of the month (unless the schedule is modified for a particular event). Each month will have a theme or goal. 

April 2019: Hey Ponzi! Get On The Air!

The April JS8 QSO Party happens shortly after the 1.0 release of JS8. Let’s use this as an opportunity to help other operators get on the air with JS8!

Q: What does this mean? Are there points involved?
A: For every QSO you make during the event, you get 1 point. For every QSO made by a station you recruited to get on the air with JS8, they get 2 points and you get 2 points.

Q: What is the exchange?
A: SNR, QTH, Your name and the Callsign of the operator who recruited you to JS8 (if any).

Q: Since there are points involved, is this a contest? 
A: No. The rules are made up and the points don’t matter. This is solely a fun opportunity to get on the air and make a bunch of contacts using JS8. 

Remember, JS8 QSO Party events are not contests, so all amateur bands are open for use. Now might be the time to break out your 30m delta loop or 17m hamstick or 12m bed springs!

Sticking to the theme is nice, but remember that with JS8 we have the freedom of free-text. So, feel free to QSY toward a clear frequency and talk about anything you want.

TT accommodation request.

Dear club members,

Thanks in advance for reading my note…..

In June this year (along with the xyl) I once again hope to visit your beautiful island for a few days during the TT festival.

Unfortunately, as we always only stay a few days every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find accommodation as many/most options through the normal homestay route, etc, understandably now give preference to those staying for a full 7 or 14 days – I wish I could get that much time off 🙂 – and we are struggling even to get a response to our calls/emails.

We had considered camping again this time around, however I had grand plans this year, after many years of contemplating it, to bring with me my portable 2m and 20m homebrew portable QRP CW equipment for some exploration of the bands between racing. I’ve went the camping route on the island a couple of times and had some monumental soakings, so not sure this option would mix well with the radio gear.

Hence my appeal, if anyone in your club who might know of someone who may be willing to contemplate renting some accommodation for 4 nights to an honest radio geek, his missus, and a small and rather slow Triumph Bonneville (oh, and a couple of pocket rigs for good measure), I would greatly appreciate their details.

Many thanks again, and 73s de GI7INR

Andrew R. Greer.        MEng, M.I.E.T.