Mobile shack has first outing

Stuart Hill and Andy Morgan are pleased to announce that the mobile shack survived a 6 mile test run around the north of the island.

We even included it’s fist radio contact with MT0GLK. Castle Rushen High School radio club and Matty MD0MAN.

We now look forward to the final electrical installation and it can then be used for /P operating (oh and a tin of paint).

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  1. Well done to all concerned for the hard work and dedication to this project. It is a shame that once again it was down to a minority of members that something is available for the majority. I would like to see it in use at a contest or SES sometime soon – does anyone have any suggestions?!

    Well done Andy, it’s been a long road, bit hopefully the destination is near! Now to go out and rummage in the shed, I’m sure I’ve got a can of rainbow coloured paint somewhere!! 😉

  2. I heard you guys today. Was up Marine Drive eating my lunch and had the little Baofeng on. Was a little bit scratchy at times but perfectly readable!

  3. A brief list of possible events identified so far for the mobile shack…

    * GD100RSGB from the Sea Terminal (January)
    * GT1IOM 65th Birthday Bash (April)
    * GB2MAD Mad Sunday (June)
    * GB5TD Tynwald Day (July)

    And possibly the odd contest here and there…

    The Society owe Andy and Stuart a huge thank you for the hard work that has been put into this project over the past two years. It started out as a six month project and has been ongoing ever since. The most successful part of the story however, is the cost… almost all work and items used for the renovation and creation of the shack… WERE FREE!

    Thanks to the donation of a PVC door and frame from Magnet, bits of metal from the Ramsey shipyard, welding by Stuart, cutting by Andy, and other donations of kit and equipment from numerous Society members this project has actually cost a fraction fo what the Committee had agreed to budget for.

    Once the electric fit out has been completed then we will have a mobile shack that can travel the length and bredth of the island to attend events to promote radio and hopefully spark some interest.

    Well done once again to all concerned, the Society really do owe you a vote of thanks!

    Dave Cain 2D0YLX
    Chairman, IOMARS

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