Isle of Man amateur radio society Amateur radio foundation exam October 13th, all day.

The date for the exam is set for 13th October 2012 with a days training before the exam which is 25 multiple choice questions to be answered in a maximum of 45 minutes. We will also meet for some evenings before then to iron out any problems. The exam costs £27.50 (costs are charged by the examining body in UK not by the IOMARS – we do it for free) any prospective candidate needs to print and fill in the form named ‘CATCE application’ ( and forward it to a society committee member ASAP and in anycase before 19th september 2012.


In the meantime you will need a copy of the course book ‘Foundation now’ at a cost of £4.99 (see RSGB web site ) It is worth getting the book from the RSGB as they have just revised it and the ones for sale elsewhere are often old stock.


The below links will help too, read them all please. The ham tests one is an interactive set of mock exam questions to let people know what they are getting themselves into, do the Ham test tests until you are sick of them and get 100%. Remember the point of this exam course is to get you to pass the exam and get a foundation licence. The hard stuff you’ll learn as you progress in the hobby.





Finally, If you know anyone who wants to do the exam now is the last time for them to get in touch.


speak soon


Andy Morgan




Tel 412711.