Home brew on the cheap. 2 radios to one mic / headset

I have been pondering switching one mic between two radios and I want to get rid of one mic in the shack..
I have two radios fitted with RJ45 8 pin mic plugs. But I am tight, a W2IHY unit doing this task costs £160 + etc there has to be a better (read cheaper way).

Searching the www for inspiration I found this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200675826420? … 1497.l2649 it is sold as a network switch I thought / hoped it could be used as a basis for a mic / dual radio switch. All I’d have to add is speaker / head phone connection / switch. The unit cost £2 each. In theory………………… Either it’ll work or….. the smokes out so I ordered two. They are simple enough units marked A / B and IN, the push switches work opposite each other i.e. push one the other pops up.

What it looks like…. standard box…
original box b4

I decided to use one box to switch the mic between my two transceivers that are fitted with RJ45 mic plugs. For this task the network switch worked unmodified – simple.

Next was RX audio, I use a headset at times so also needed to switch the audio for that. I decided to remove the RJ45 sockets out of the second network switch box and graft in some 3.5 jack sockets, to do this I removed the track from each end of the PCB (1.5cm).
To allow for a second set of phones or a monitor speaker I put two jack sockets per switching side. I just need to make an end panel insert from modellers PVC card to go round the sockets to fill in the square RJ45 holes. I stuck the two boxes together (side by side) and I now have a 2 radio / 1 mic / headset switching arrangement for less than £8. OK its not quite W2IHY but it works and looks OK. Job done.

Inside standard box…
original box  inside B4

end result 1


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