Announcement from Dave GD4HOZ the repeater keeper

We have been regularly linking with the FreeStar network for almost a month and it’s been a Marmite experience from what I can gather; some like it, some don’t.Personally, I approached it with caution and, in my conversations with the FreeStar admin who reached out to us, I made that known. However, I felt that we at least should give it a fair shot.After a number of conversations in various quarters, and seeing my fears of users de-camping to simplex frequencies being realised, I have come to the conclusion that we are better served with an “Opt-In” link to off-island networks.I have asked the FreeStar admin to change the connection schedule such that we are linked to the network overnight, between 10pm and 7am.Hopefully that will give the “night owls” someone to talk to and it will keep the local network clear during the day.Again, I draw your attention to the linking guidelines on the main website.[GD4HOZ]