Training and Qualifications.

IOMARS is always happy for more amateur radio enthusiast to either get their initial license or progress to the other license categories.

Currently there are three classes of license, you begin with your foundation course, move onto your intermediate, and then finally to the full licence.


IOMARS has trainers, teachers and all that is required for you to get through the above exams at your own pace. We would love to see you and before you know it you’ll be calling CQ and talking to the world.

We have had quite a few success recently many at the advanced and intermediate level. If any of IOMARS club members would like to register as assessors and help us get more people through, As an intermediate you can asses Foundation as a full you can asses both levels.


Since lock down and for the foreseeable future the RSGB, in conjunction with Ofcom have waived the practical parts of the exams, candidates can study the course on their own and take the exams online. To register for online exams click here and for the Manuals click here. If you are self studying and need help, please don’t hesitate to contact the club on