IOMARS meetings restart on 10th January 2024

As we enjoy the Christmas festivities please be advised Club meetings restart at Ballasalla on Wednesday 10th January. Don't forget there are still competitions over the period!   best wishes from your Committee   Nollick Ghennal as Blein vie Noa errui.

Update to Testing evening January 31

Testing Night 31th Jan 2024 I plan to bring the following test equipment to the Malew Scout Hut on the evening of the 31th Jan. A Signal Hound SB44B spectrum analyzer which covers 1Hz to 4.4GHz complete with TG44A signal tracking generator. A signal Hound VSG25A vector signal generator. Directional couplers good to 3GHz. Peak

Testing evening with Richard GD8EXI

Ballasalla Shack

This month on the 31st January  Richard GD8EXI will bring his analytical equipment along to the shack for a testing evening so bring along anything that might do with a check; cables, equipment, aerials (with limitations, of course). 73 The Committee

70cm AFS contest 4th February

A team contest, fly the flag for the IOMARS, we have finished quite high previously; we need a minimum of 4 stations to count to towards the Club score. If more than 4 enter, then we can have a second team. Get the details from the RSGB VHF contest calendar. Runs from 0900 to 1300.

Bring and Buy at Ballasalla Wednesday February 28th

Our last Wednesday in the month schedule continues on February 28th with a bring and buy sale. Bring along your old junk and you may well find it to be someone else' would-be prize possession! That elusive bit of kit or component, maybe a starter radio for a newcomer to the hobby. The shack will

Over the horizon on VHF and above. Wednesday 27th March

Richard GD8EXI is the Island's leading proponent of contests on 2M, 70cm and 1.3Ghz. Always scoring high in the results in RSGB contests, he is a fund of knowledge in optimising transmission and reception in these bands; even if contests are not your bag, there is a lot to be learned from Richard's many years

Reminder of Richard GD8EXI talk

Ballasalla Shack

A reminder that Wednesday week 27th March that doyen of VHF,UHF etc operation Richard GD8EXI will be giving an illustrated talk "Over the horizon on VHF and above" at the clubhouse at 7:30. Winner of numerous awards and triumphs in competitions, if anyone can get a signal over the horizon it's Richard, so not an

RSGB Regional Teams; a talk by Chris Wood GD6TWF

Ballasalla Shack

The April event is being given by Chris Wood GD6TWF, RSGB honorary Treasurer, with the theme of RSGB Regional Teams and their relevance to amateurs on the IOM and elsewhere. This to be followed by a 2-way link  with Ed O'Neill M0TZX editor of Radcom, so if there are any items that concern Manx amateurs

Talk by Brian King “Diving the Mary Rose”

It looks although some of the text of the event was lost. I am posting again. Many thanks again to Chris and Ed for the informative review of the RSGB and what it can do for us, and the history of Radcom. Details have been finalised for this months' event, "Diving on the Mary Rose"

Themed /P stations this year

Outdoor programme for radio stations With Spring upon us amateurs are emerging from their shacks into the sunlight, so let's enjoy the good weather and ham radio. There are some /P events which may be given consideration by club members now that TT is past. Tractor Show in Castletown this coming Saturday 15-16 June. John

Project evening

With TT now a fond memory, let's get practical and bring our favourite projects, antenna and radio, to our end of month event on Wednesday 26th June at the clubhouse. There is doubtless a wealth of projects out there which can illustrate the ingenuity of amateurs with their hobby. Look forward to seeing them.

Bring and show projects

Just a reminder about the bring and show projects tomorrow night at the clubhouse. Antennas, radios, useful gadgets etc. Maybe give ideas about future projects? Bring then along.