This weeks events for IOMARS Members

Morning all lots going on today and this week for IOMARS . To start today off there is the 80 meter net at 09:30 on 3.715 MHZ hosted by John GD0TFG. Then at 11:00 there is the GB2RS news on the GB3IM repeater network read by myself Nigel GD6AFB and followed by a net. At 22:00 hours there is the 80 meter net part deux on 3.715Mhz kindly hosted by John GD0TFG. Then on Tuesday at 19:30 there is the AGM at Tromode followed on Wednesday at 19:30 the usual shack night. Lots of opportunity for members to catchup with each other either on the air or in person.

AGM Reminder and Agenda


A reminder that the postponed AGM form December 2021 is taking place on Tuesday the 8th of March 2022 at the Sea Cadet Hall Tromode. It will commence at 19:30. Please find attached copy of the Agenda.




Notice of AGM

Notice is nearby given that the postponed AGM will now be held on Tuesday the 8th of March at the Tromode Sea Cadet Hall. The AGM will commence at 19:30 and all members are encouraged to attendant reminded subscritions will be due before the AGM.

Weekly Shack nights to recommence

With the lifting of the requirement by the Government to wear masks and subject to no sudden reverting of this, the committee is pleased to announce the commencement of meetings at the shack in Ballasalla. The first meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd of February at 19:30. There will stile the usual net this Wednesday at 1930 on the GB3IM repeater networked kindly hosted by Arthur GD3TNS. Any issues please contact any committee member or email

Urgent announcement regarding the AGM and Covid

Given the rising Covid cases and the uncertainty of the Omicron variant, coupled with the Government mandating face masks on all Transport, the committee have reluctantly decided to postpone the AGM.  Along with this, there will be no further meetings at the shack or Tromode until the government specifies that face masks are no longer required anywhere,  notice will be posted on social media to confirm re-opening.  Arthur, GD3TNS, has kindly stepped up to be net controller on the Wednesday night net, to be held at 19:30 every Wednesday on GB3IM until things are back to normal.  All memberships will be extended until the AGM is held. Should you have any questions please contact any committee member or email  Stay safe.


Morning its Sunday which means lots of chances to play Radio. At 09:30 Join John (GD0TFG) and the crew for the IOMARS 80 meter net on 3.715Mhz. Then at 11:00 catch up on the news with Gavin (2D0PEY) on the GB3IM repeater network followed by a net . To finish the day why not join John (GD0TFG) and the crew at 22:00 with the IOMARS 80 meter net part deux on3.715 Mhz


Good Morning on this sunny yet windy day . Don’t forget to join John GD0TFG and the gang at 09:30 for the IOMARS 80 meter net on 3.715Mhz. Then at 11:00you can Join Gavin 2D0PEY for the GB2RS news on the GB3IM repeater network followed by a net. Then you can finish the day with John and on 3.715 Mhz for the IOMARS 80 meter net part deux.


Good morning on this wet and Windy Sunday. Don’t forget the clocks went back 1 hour this morning so we are now back in UTC/GMT. So why not stay in and start the morning off with the IOMARS 80 meter net on 3.715 Mhz hosted by JohnGD0TFG. The at 11:00 join me on the GN3IM repeater network for the GB2RS news followed by a net, Then to finish the day of there is the IOMARS 80 meter net part deux again hosted by John on 3.715 MHZ. 73’s catch you later hopefully.Nigel GD6AFB

RSGB Clarifies Candidates use of Radio under supervision

With the practicals being dropped recently just wanted to clarify the position on allowing foundation candidates to use an Advanced license call sign and equipment. This statement has been released by the RSGB to clarify Supervised operation of Foundation candidatesCommunications Manager | October 29, 2021We wish to retain the possibility for Foundation candidates to receive practical on-air training, under supervision, to illustrate the operating and licensing parts of the syllabus, although there is now no necessity to formally assess this.Before any Foundation student is allowed to operate a station under supervision, in accordance with Licence clause 3(3)(a), they must be registered on a recognised Foundation Licence Training Course, with a planned exam date.Licence clause 17 (dd) defines what a recognised Foundation course is i.e.“Recognised Foundation Training Course” means a training course which, if successfully completed, will lead to the person attending the course being issued with a Radio Amateurs’ Examination Pass Certificate which confirms that that person has achieved the level of competence required by Ofcom to be issued with a Foundation Licence;”Ofcom’s “Amateur Radio Licence – guidance” document in clause 2.50 further states:“If the Licence is an Amateur Radio (Full) or a Full (Club) Licence, a person on a Recognised Foundation Training Course as defined in clause 17(dd) of the licence, may use the station. This relates to the period of formal instruction. It is not intended to cover a licensee who decides to allow an unqualified person to use the station at any other time that they may choose.”It will be the responsibility each licensee (club or individual) to satisfy themselves that the supervised operation complies with the terms and conditions of the licence. Examples of how they might do this are to see evidence of a confirmed exam booking or evidence (e.g. an email from the course organiser) that the candidate is registered on a recognised training course as defined above.Tony Kent, G8PBHChair, Examination Standards CommitteeBasically nothing has changed and if a candidate is on a registered course with an exam date set then he/she can operate a radio under supervision.