Shack to Reopen

The Committee is pleased to announce that the Shack will be open on Wednesday for those who wish to attend . People are free to wear Face Masks or take any precautions they feel necessary. Look forward to seeing you there.

RTTY on Isle Of Man?

All the committee have the following request from Heather

“Hi, Please excuse my “cold calling” you, I got your email address from the IOMARS website. I have recently become keen on RTTY and have been trying to get the EU-RTTY award for contacting 50 EU entities. I have currently got 48 QSLed so I am sooooo close but am finding it very hard to work the smaller “countries” including, of course, Isle Of Man. Do you know of anyone on the Island who would be able to have a quick QSO with me on RTTY? Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Once again sorry for “cold calling”Kind Regards and 73Heather M0HMO “

I wonder if anyone is in a position to help Heather if so drop us an email and I will forward her contact details .



Its Sunday again and a chance to play Radio

Don’t forget lots of opportunity to play Radio today. Kicking off at 09:30 with the IOMARS 80 meter net on 3.715 MHz followed by GB2RS news at 11:00 read to you this week by Gavin 2D0PEY followed by a net. Then finish the day off on 3.715Mhz at 21:30 with the IOMARS 80 meter net part deux.

How to view CQ magazine and others for free courtesy of the Library

Thanks to some info provided by Dan GD0VIK apparently you can view such publications as CQ magazine for free online via the local library . To join follow the information below has libby the on line reader and if you are a member of HBN which is free to join you can read the American cq magazine for free on line its the latest copy out every month…there are also many other magazines on libby not sure if you are aware of it

IOMARS todays activities

Good Morning All just a reminder the IOMARS 80 meter net starts at 09:30 on 3.715Mhz followed by the GB2RS News at 11:00 on the GB3IM repeater network this week bought to you by yours truly. After the news there will be a net and then the afternoon is yours and you can finish the day off at 22:00 hours on 3.715 with the 80 meter net part deux. Have a great day 73’s Nigel GD6AFB

Urgent Tonights meeting Cancelled

Due the the rapidly changing circumstances with Covid cases in the last 24 hours on the Island the committee has decided it would be prudent to cancel tonights meeting at the shack. Apologies for the short notice but as you will appreciate things have been happening at a pace and only in the last hour did we learn there are now 5 new cases that appear unrelated. Please pass on to anyone you know in the club as i know not everyone has Social Media or monitors it constantly. There will be a net on GB3IM tonight at 19:30 with Arthur GD3TNS kindly taking the role of controller.

Shack Meetings to restart

After the announcement yesterday by the Chief Minister that lockdown would end on Monday 19th April 2021 the committee at last nights meeting decided to commence meeting at the shack form Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 19:30 . Look forward to seeing you there.