Construction project

Interest has been shown in a project that would be useful to club members and also give useful experience to those members who have not done much in this area or would like to refresh their skills.

Initial thoughts are for some kind of QRP transceiver which could actually be used; there are some kits around from Pixie CW and sundry variants from £6 upwards with or without an enclosure to a 6-band SSB kit at around £60 that comes with a lot of surface-mount components but looks like a useable radio.

Any other suggestions are obviously welcomed, jus speak to a committee member or at Club night.

Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society 2024

Welcome to 2024; some hardy members attended the first meeting of the year in Ballasalla despite the cold with much convivial chat. I

This year there will be an event, talk or demonstration at the shack on the last Wednesday in the month. We already have a provisional program in place, but if any member would like to share expertise or have a particular aspect of Amateur Radio they would like aired then by all means get in touch with a committee member. If there is demand we may well schedule extra events.

This month on the 31st the indefatigable Richard GD8EXI will bring his analytical equipment along to the shack for a testing evening so bring along anything that might do with a check.


The Committee

Postponement of Brian King talk

It is with regret that Brian King’s talk on the Mary Rose next week 12th September has been postponed due to unexpected events beyond our control. We will advise when the talk will be re-scheduled. It is not certain that there will be a meeting at all at Tromode.

The Committee