Items for Sale

Here are items folr sale from two amateurs on the island. Offered here before going on sale generally.

Kenwood TS 890 in mint condition, original box with manual and mic. £1900.
Phone Paul GD0BCJ on 824472

Kenwoos TS 590s , boxed with manual £550 Yaesu FTDX10 one month old £1350 Kenwood SP32 speaker £60 LDG Z-100 plus Auto ATU £80 LDG AT 200ii Auto AtU £100 Yaesu FT 857 £395

Phone Godfrey GD4EIP on 413036

Stuart, GD0OUD

For Sale: Mini VNA

For sale is a Mini VNA, it covers 0-250MHz.

This item has seen very little use with the owner, hence the reason it is up for sale. The VNA comes complete with original box.

Asking price is £175.

Contact Godfrey, GD4EIP on 07624 413036


I recently had the need to purchase a new 2/70 colinear antenna. The previous one had lasted 28 years, and survived being erected at three different properties.

I ordered one from a very well-known emporium (no advertising, I’m not on commission). I spoke to a very helpful person in the sales department. She took my order, and said she would include an N-type to SO239 adapter for free. She was quite taken aback when I said I would not need one as I would be fitting an N-type plug to the coax.

She said every antenna left the store with an adapter as using a PL259 on the coax was almost universal.

Is this the case? Is there something difficult about fitting the N-type plug? Please let me know what I am missing.

Stuart, GD0OUD

P.S. I was still sent an adapter. This is of such poor quality I would insult the bin if I threw it away. If I remember, I’ll bring it down to the shack so everyone can go “OOOOOOOH” at it.


Does anyone know of a supplier of decent quality PL259 plugs?

The ones I have had delivered today are going back. Not only are the solder holes far too big, over 50% of the diameter of the body, but the body of the plug is some cheap alloy, and cannot be soldered. They are fine for the C.B. bodge of screwing the outer braid back against the insulation, but not a proper connection.

Let me know who sells the real thing, and I’ll get my and in my pocket.

Stuart, GD0OUD.





Cobwebb Winch.

The winching system for my Cobwebb antenna is now complete and operational.

I would like to thank the following hams for their assistance:

Barry, MD6KBW, who has worked like a Trojan for the last week.

Dave, MD6TSW, for inspiration, sourcing of parts, and fitting the frame in place.

Mike, GD6ICR, fixture supply and ideas.

Dave 2D0YLX, for loan of SDS drill.

Tony, GD7ARS for supplying steel.

Thank you all, your assistance was gratefully received.

Stuart, GD0OUD.


I have just worked Ken, VE3VC on 20mtrs CW. He is ex – GD3IBQ, does anyone remember him? Or is it down to the font of all Knowledge, Arthur? The trouble is, he doesn’t read these forums, so I’ll have to ask him on the early morning IM net.


Stuart, GD0OUD