TT accommodation request.

Dear club members,

Thanks in advance for reading my note…..

In June this year (along with the xyl) I once again hope to visit your beautiful island for a few days during the TT festival.

Unfortunately, as we always only stay a few days every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find accommodation as many/most options through the normal homestay route, etc, understandably now give preference to those staying for a full 7 or 14 days – I wish I could get that much time off 🙂 – and we are struggling even to get a response to our calls/emails.

We had considered camping again this time around, however I had grand plans this year, after many years of contemplating it, to bring with me my portable 2m and 20m homebrew portable QRP CW equipment for some exploration of the bands between racing. I’ve went the camping route on the island a couple of times and had some monumental soakings, so not sure this option would mix well with the radio gear.

Hence my appeal, if anyone in your club who might know of someone who may be willing to contemplate renting some accommodation for 4 nights to an honest radio geek, his missus, and a small and rather slow Triumph Bonneville (oh, and a couple of pocket rigs for good measure), I would greatly appreciate their details.

Many thanks again, and 73s de GI7INR

Andrew R. Greer.        MEng, M.I.E.T.