Silent Key Auction – 2D0RGW

Silent key sale – equipment list – all offered as seen for spares or repair.
Wednesday 22nd July 2020 at the club shack Mill Road, Ballasalla.

Lot 1. Yaesu FS902 ATU 500W
Lot 2. Altai PSU 13.8V 10-14A
Lot 3. PSU 13.8V 5-7A
Lot 4. Altai PSU 13.8V 5A
Lot 5. Elman PSU 13.8V 3A
Lot 6. Daiwa CN620A SWR and power meter
Lot 7. Osker SWR-200 SWR meter
Lot 8. Amteck 300 ATU
Lot 9. Zetagi TM999 SWR meter
Lot 10. Icom BC-162 VHF marine handheld
Lot 11 Alkai microphone
Lot 12. AOR AR8000 RX. Note – corroded battery compartment.
Lot 13. Yaesu FT757GX HF TX/RX with PSU and ATU. Note ATU not functioning 100%
Lot 14. Sony active telescopic antenna
Lot 15. Yaesu 1500M 2m TX/RX
Lot 16. Alan K160 SWR meter
Lot 17. Ham International Multimode 11 all mode CB
Lot 18. Variable PSU home brew
Lot 19. Storno CQL612 (Probably marine VHF)
Lot 20. Sony airband RX
Lot 21. CIS 400 earphones
Lot 22. Zetagi SWR Mod 500
Lot 23. Yaesu VX-7R TX/RX. Note – Corrosion present
Lot 24. Yaesu FT290R. Note LCD screen may be defective.
Lot 25. Uniden Bearcat BC700A scanner
Lot 26. Trio TR-2600E TX/RX 2M handheld
Lot 27. Alinco DJ 580 dual band RX/TX
Lot 28. Netsel PRO232 scanner.
Lot 29. CW key and practice oscillator
Lot 30. Vibroflex CW key
Lot 31. Rotator controller
Lot 32. Euro TM100 low pwr SWR/ATU
Lot 33. CB1101 SWR meter
Lot 34. RAMA SW 005 SWR meter
Lot 35. Microphone / echo chamber
Lot 36. UNIDEN handheld (probably licence free band)
Lot 37. Satellite finder
Lot 38. BIG ATU
Lot 39. BIG ATU
Lot 40. 3-way RF switch
Lot 41. Zetagi dummy load
Lot 42. Zetagi TVI filter
Lot 43. SL259DX CB linear amplifier 200W
Lot 44. Yaesu FT901 RX/TX valve PA Lot 45. Icom 2725E Dual band
Lot 46. Vintage crystal set
Lot 47. Vintage crystal set

Additional items for sale at the conclusion of the auction – Sundry loudspeakers, microphones, connectors.
List compiled GD0TFG J Dowling, 15th July 2020.