Tarraco Triumphalis Award

Dear colleagues:

The Local Section in TARRAGONA of the UNION DE RADIOAFICIONADOS ESPAÑOLES (URE) and the RADIO CLUB DEL TARRAGONES, are pleased to organize the permanent award “TARRACO TRIUMPHALIS” in Latin, with the aim of boosting radio activity of our members and promoting knowledge of the historical heritage of Tarragona. WORLD HERITAGE SITE . We hope to inform your associates for their knowledge and to participate in this activity. For full details click here.



EA3BDE Diploma Manager.

Cricket Cup Marathon


I am writing to you as the RSGB team in Region 3 to ask for your support for the Cricket World Cup Marathon that we are organising. Cricket is hugely influential in the North West, with Old Trafford being used of several of the World Cup matches. This means that an opportunity to have lots of fun on the radio should not be missed!

We are also looking for support from the Isle of Man and have already sent some requests to local amateurs there but a waiting to hear what they are able to do. There is a specific callsign GB19CIM that can only be activated from there.

Please forward this email to all Affiliated Clubs in your Region or District. We are looking for RSGB members to take part. Of course you could take one or both of the roles described below if you wished.


The RSGB Contest Club is organising an International Amateur Radio Marathon on the HF bands to celebrate the Cricket World Cup which is being held in England and Wales this summer.

·       The Marathon will run from 30 May 2019 to 14 July 2019.

·       Special UK and International callsigns will be active on 9 HF bands using SSB, CW and Digital modes.

·       The Marathon will encourage HF operation and provide an opportunity for all operators to enjoy being a sought after callsign.

·       Award certificates will be offered to participants based on the number of QSOs they achieve with the Special stations.

·       We are using the Hamlogs system that allows logs from activating stations to be uploaded to a central database. Participants will be able to track their progress towards the available awards.

·       From the UK we will be activating 31 special callsigns including eleven for the Cricket Grounds that will be used in England and Wales and ten for the teams that are participating. We also have callsigns for Scotland, Northern Ireland Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. All UK callsigns will all have the prefix GB19 with a two or three letter suffix.

We have had detailed discussions with Ofcom who have encouraged this project as it fulfils many of the aims of amateur radio licensing. They also recognise that this is an international activity rather than being public-facing, although of course it will be appropriate for showcasing the hobby to newcomers.


We are looking for volunteers who can help coordinate the marathon by recruiting and helping operators, assisting with log uploads and providing local technical advice. This role could be shared by two or more people.

We are using a QRZ.com page for each callsign with a calendar keeping a record of who is activating or supervising the use of the callsign during the event. We will use the venue callsigns on an RSGB region basis; most RSGB regions in England and Wales have a cricket ground that is being used. For regions and countries that don’t have a ground there are other special callsigns to activate.

Each coordinator will have plenty of opportunity to operate.


This is an excellent opportunity for some really fun radio operating. All full licensees who are RSGB members can join the RSGB Contest Club and as club members can operate, either in a local radio club or group, or simply operate from home. You don’t have to be a cricket fan to take part and you don’t need a “super station”. You can also just operate for a few hours.

Foundation and intermediate licence holders may operate supervised from a club or the station of a full licence holder. We want to encourage those who have good stations to allow others to operate them.

Full details for Coordinators and Activators can be found on the RSGB website under the Radio Marathons topic. 

Please contact us at the email address ContestClub@rsgbcc.org with your details, including your RSGB region, if you would like to get involved.

More details will be sent to you next month.

Kind Regards,

Nick Totterdell G4FAL,

RSGB HF Contest Committee Chair


Cambridge Hams Visit

14 of the Camb Hams will be on the island from 4-10 May at Ballacain Courtyard Cottages in Onchan. We’ll probably have antennas for most bands from 80m up, including several VHF bands and satellites.

We hope to have something for Eshail as well. There will probably be some SOTA and WAB activity as well as the fixed station at Ballacain. Hope some of the IOMARS members will be able to drop in while we are there.

73  – Martin G3ZAY

JS8Call 1.0.0 General Release

For those interested in this particular data mode, this new release might be of interest, details below.

“Hey Folks! This is not a test, this is not a joke, it’s actually happening. The public release of JS8Call version 1.0 is here! You’ll find all of the public releases (now and future version) of JS8Call downloadable from this page: http://files.js8call.com/latest.html

For those following along at home, there were a few fixes from RC3 to 1.0 GA. I also added in one last feature…a “Check for Updates” on startup (by default) so we all know when a new version is released. There’s a full changelog below. 

I want to thank all of the thousands of folks who have stuck around through the development of JS8Call. It has been a fun journey and there’s tons more to come! Stick around in the list if you want to have “early access” to any of the new features developed.”

GB2RS News

Beautiful day so later this afternoon why not finish it off by listening to GB2RS bought to you this evening by Mike GD6ICR at 18:30 on the GB3IM repeater network.

Advanced Exam

IOMARS is running an Advanced exam on Wednesday 10th April at 16:30 at the club shack in Ballasalla. Anyone wishing to take the exam please let Nigel GD6AFB know no later than Friday 5th April 2019.

Good luck to everyone that is sitting this final part of your qualification.

Bring and Buy Sale 12th March 2019

Dont forget the annual bring a buy sale at our Tromode site. A good chance to buy something new or offload something unused.

Starts at 19:30 12th March 2019 at the Sea Cadet Training Ship “TS Manxman” just off Tromode Road in Douglas.

Shack Night 30th January 2019

Gents Just a reminder its Shack night tonight with Richard GD8EXI running a testing and calibration night .I would like to remind prospective candidates that all application forms for the Advanced Exam have to be in by midnight 31/01/2019 and that tonight is the last club night before the deadline. So far we have 6 Candidates registered.
Nigel (GD6AFB)